The RipTones have been making country, blues, roots rock since 1990. Their fourth record "Cowboy's Inn" was released on Bloodshot Records. After making waves on the rich Chicago music scene the Riptones have been spreading the word across the country.

Also look for "BUCKSHOT" the Riptones new release on BloodShot Records

Jeb Bonansinga on vocals and guitar; Jeb writes most of the Riptones material and with a truck drivin' backwoods country gentleman swagger lays out a mixture of Ricky Nelson, Johnny Cash and Jimmie Vaughn. His songs represent the every man tale of lost love, including important subjects like girls, BBQ, and motorcycles.
Earl Carter on upright bass and hollerin'; Earl is the Riptones' rodeo clown, acrobat, and visual dynamo. He slaps and pounds his bass as if hell hounds were nippin' at his heels.  
Don't be surprised if you hear designated 6-string torturer Michael Krasovech tearing off licks he's borrowed (stolen!) from the likes of Jerry Reed, Johnny Guitar Watson, or Merle Travis.   A verified 'Tone-Junkie', he has more gear than Shania has costume changes. He assures us that his infatuation with all-things-Fender is completely normal; and that if Leo were still alive today, his relationship with him would be purely platonic.

Together the RipTones are like a Kenworth truck with a tank full of nitro, and no brakes, high ballin' down the blacktop.